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Klis from above

Split to Salona, Klis

Solin developed on the site of the ancient city of Salona, which was the capital of the Roman province of Dalmatia and the birthplace of Emperor Diocletian. After the town was destroyed, its refugees moved to a settlement in and around Diocletian’s palace in “Spalatum” (Split), turning it into a fortified town.

Overlooking the city of Split, in the mountain pass between Mosor and Kozjak, lies the small village of Klis speckled with vineyards and olive groves. At the center of this hillside village is a medieval fortress built into a rocky ridge giving visitors an incredible birds eye view of the entire Split “metropolitan” area, the Adriatic Sea and the surrounding islands.

An interesting fact is that Klis Fortress was used in the Game of Thrones series to film Daenerys seizing the city of Meereen.

Distance to destination: 15km
Duration of transfer: 25min


Private Car 50€
Private Van 60€